Want A Job In The Future? Go Into Health Care

At a time of widespread unemployment, one part of the economy has consistently provided jobs: health care. In the past decade, the industry added 2.6 million positions, according to a report last year from the Brookings Institution. That’s a growth rate of 22.7%, compared to just 2.1% for all other sectors.

What’s more, health care jobs are widely distributed. Every community in the country added clinics and hospitals and the employment that goes with them. In some places, health care now accounts for 20% of all economic activity. Estimates show http://nosubhealth.com/ health making up a fifth of the entire economy by 2021.

So, if you’re worried about finding a job in the future, health care may be a safer bet than most. Certainly the government thinks so, too. These charts, created by Chris Walker at Mic.com, use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of jobs requiring an associate degree, nursing will continue to be the most job-rich option, they show. By 2022, there will be more than 2.3 million positions.

The BLS expects a 21.5% rise in “health care practitioners and technical occupations,” a 28% jump in “health care support occupations,” and 23% growth in “other health care support occupations,” including “massage therapists” (22.6%) and “dental assistants” (24.5%).

It also forecasts plenty of employment for general managers, elementary teachers, and software developers. Other types of workers will be less in demand, however. The biggest projected falls will be in “farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers” (-19.3% by 2022), “postmasters and mail superintendents” (-24.2%), “reporters and correspondents” (-13.8%), “embalmers” (-15%), and “meter readers, utilities” (-19.2%).

Better a career in medicine than the postal service.

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