With 2 million anonymous data points in its company culture database, a few quizzes can let you know the kind of place you should be working for maximum office happiness.

In the end, whether or not you decide to stay at a job long-term often has more to do with “culture fit” than with anything else. With one out of two people quitting before 18 months on the job, that’s clearly a hard thing to get right, and reviews on GlassDoor will only take you so far.

Good.Co, a platform that uses psychometric frameworks to help jobseekers and employees figure out their place in the cultural landscape, has released a new iOS app to make the process of figuring out culture fit a bit easier.

Good.Co released a first semi-private beta almost a year ago, with a web app that offered up an array of quizzes to help users evaluate their own personalities, compare scores with friends and colleagues, examine culture fit with companies and managers, and discover their work team’s personality. After over 8 million “FitScores” checked on the beta platform, Good.Co has decided to focus exclusively on mobile devices, armed with better data and a fresh understanding of what jobseekers are actually seeking.

“The value proposition is the same, but the product is re-architected to be more social, gamified. We don’t want to put it out as an a HR recruiting tool quite yet,” says co-founder Samar Birwadker. “We’re now adding more depth, more engagement opportunities back to the user.”

The quizzes–and there are many–have become more nuanced. The platform used to measure 15 personality traits, now it measures 45. Since so many people at different companies have played with the platform, Good.Co now has over 2 million data points for its company culture database. It says job opportunities within each company culture will be available soon.

Here’s what this looks like in practice. After taking the initial eight-question quiz, Good.Co tells me that I’m an Inventor–creative, curious, innovative–and that my ideal companies are Verizon and Amazon (not so sure about that). From there, I have the opportunity to take an array of other quizzes. As I take them, Good.Co offers up new insights (work/life balance is important to me, and I’m comfortable speaking up but know when to keep my mouth shut, apparently).

These personality quizzes are all entertaining, but they become extra-interesting once you start looking at company personality profiles, also known as organizational archetypes. From there, you can check your cultural fit with any company listed in the database, with information based on quizzes from anonymous employees.

Already, Good.Co is starting pilots with a handful of companies to figure out what they would want from the platform (while the consumer version will always remain free, the company version won’t). “We’re humanizing the job search process, the job matching process. We’re humanizing how you can build better relationships,” says Birwadker.

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