The 7 Things Interviewers Notice First

First Impressions

A job interview doesn’t start with the first question. Hiring managers begin to assess candidates from the moment they arrive. Here are the seven things they notice first about you.

Your Arrival Time

Arriving late is a serious misstep, but showing up too early could rattle your interview. Plan on showing up five to 10 minutes before the appointed time, and you’ll hit the sweet spot
6.  Your Attire
Consider calling the office’s front desk beforehand to learn what the office dress code is, then plan on wearing something slightly bette
5.   Your Body Language
Aim to look comfortable, but not too relaxed. Keep a natural posture, avoid crossing your arms, and absolutely no fidgeting
4.  Your Communication Style
Are you a fast-talker or do you speak with a snail’s stride? Gretchen Sunderland, a career and executive coach, suggests mirroring the communication style of your interviewer, in terms of tone and pace.
3. Your Preparedness
Arrive for an interview with a basic understanding of the organization’s mission, and a ready response for the most common interview questions.
2.  Your Enthusiasm
If you don’t appear excited about the job opportunity, the company won’t be excited to hire you. It’s alright to convey your interest in the position.
1.  Your Qualifications
You can’t just nail an interview with good fashion sense and social graces. You also have to explain your skills and expound on your accomplishments


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