Even companies that have big budgets know the value in a personal, inexpensive cultural activity. Some of the best corporate culture activities to improve culture can be done on a boot strapping budget. Unsure of what to do, what you will need, and how much time it will take? Just take a play out of these companies corporate culture playbook. Here are some inexpensive ways to pep up your team.

Vision Boards at LinkedIn. What you will need: About an hour depending on how large of a group you have, old magazines, glue, scissors, and poster board. Have your team spend about 15 minutes cutting out images/words. About 20 or so images, depending on your board size. Then, give them 10 minutes to organize the images on the board. Next, have everyone (if they’re comfortable) hold up their board and have the team “analyze” it for about 3-5 minutes. You can have the person take notes on the feedback. It’s pretty cool stuff! You can also circle back and update everyone to see what has transpired since creating the boards.

Learning Day at Mindvalley. What you will need: A set time frame, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) from your team willing to volunteer their time, and possibly some snacks and beverages. Mindvalley uses the 1st Friday of the month as a Learning Day. They use the entire day, but it’s not mandatory. Someone from their team presents on a topic they are passionate about. Turn the reigns over to the SME, let them plan the talk, and don’t forget to be prepared to learn something new! This helps the team grow, that person grow, plus who doesn’t feel inspired after walking out of a great discussion given by someone who is passionate? Mindvalley understands that in order for the company to grow, they must grow their people.

We:30 at Red Door Interactive. What you will need: About an hour, some questions, and your camera. Red Door Interactive has great values: inspire, share, evolve, exceed, and be 100% jerk-free. We:30 is their way of celebrating the person on the team who exemplifies these values. Have your team submit monthly nominations. Choose a winner. Have the winner give 7-10 interesting facts about themselves that they are comfortable sharing. Then, take their photo and their responses to post on your social media pages. It makes for a fun approach to social media, plus allows the person to be the company celebrity for that week.

Also, if you are a busy HR rep that needs some help planning these corporate culture activities, here’s an awesome culture calendar from SmallBox to help you get to planning. They brag that their culture is “Better than Beer”, so you know they must be doing something right! Got any other inexpensive corporate culture activities? Holla!!

via Inexpensive Corporate Culture Activities – HR Culture Club.