How Social Media is Changing Human Resources Jobs

Social media is still a hot topic in human resources. Using social media and networking sites is becoming widely adopted in the recruiting space. However, we are seeing more job ads in other aspects of HR also requiring this experience – like compensation and benefits, training and development, and labor relations. During September, there were more than 4,800 available human resources jobs that required social media skills. This is a 43% year-over-year growth in demand and a new high in the number of job ads. Social media skills are represented in 4% of all HR job ads in the US. One year ago, only 2.6% of HR job ads mentioned anything about social media during the same one-month period last year. Would you expect this percentage to be higher?

Source: WANTED Analytics

Of some of the occupations within HR, compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists increased the most compared to last year, with more than twice as many job ads as were seen during last September. Training and development specialists also increased about 58% versus last year. We looked at some of these job ads to see what types of duties potential candidates would have to perform on social media. Below are just a few excerpts from job ads:

Integrate online learning and instructional materials through social media for employees

Find top talent on social networking platforms

Develop strategies and policies to communicate with employees through social media sites

Produce and disseminate external benefits information through print and online channels, including social media

With increasing hiring demand for social media skills, you would probably expect that the difficulty to fill these jobs is high. Our Hiring Scale scores jobs from 1 to 99 based on their projected difficulty-to-recruit and social media HR jobs score a 65 on average across the US. This means most employers that are hiring for HR professionals with a social media expertise are likely to experience difficulty finding qualified candidates and take longer to fill these jobs. Some metropolitan areas that score among the highest on the Hiring Scale (meaning they are the hardest places to recruit this talent) are San Francisco (CA), New Orleans (LA), and Denver CO). Companies in these locations that are recruiting for human resource professionals with social media skills are likely to experience even more competition from other employers and a smaller pool of qualified candidates from which to source.

Hiring Scale for Social Media Skilled HR Professionals

Source: WANTED Analytics

In comparison, the Hiring Scale also shows that the best places to find human resource talent with social media skills are Tampa (FL), Virginia Beach (VA), and Springfield (MA). In these areas, the number of potential candidates currently in the workforce outnumbers the number of jobs available for this talent pool. As hiring demand and talent supply changes, the difficulty to recruit may also vary.

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