Healthier Employees Are Happier Employees (And Also Cheaper Employees)

Sherpaa tries to cut through the insanity of the health care industry to bring streamlined heath care to employees and streamlined health care plans to employers.

If you’re a relatively healthy young person, you probably don’t have to go to the doctor very often, but your company is shelling out a huge chunk of money for your health insurance. And if you ever aren’t feeling well, going to the doctor can be a huge hassle–wouldn’t it be easier to just email or call someone and see if you need more attention for that cut or sore throat?

Sherpaa is a startup that hopes to fix these problems. When we wrote about them last year, founder Jay Parkison (he’s a doctor) told us that “companies are spending way too much on health insurance relative to people in the youngish age population.” In this video, part of a series that Collaborative Fund (who we’ve worked with before) has commissioned about some of their portfolio companies, Parkison expands on what Sherpaa is doing.

“I look at other industries that are doing it right, that have designed their service really well … and take the best things from them and apply them to health care; and just leapfrog an old-fashioned industry and make it better,” he says. Some of those things involve making health care professionals (which Sherpaa calls “guides”) much more easily accessible via email and telephone, so you can skip a costly visit to the hospital or the ER.

Another is to help companies figure out where they’re overpaying for health care, and get them into better systems that actually reflect the health and medical problems of their employees. That, says, Parkison, will help every part of a company, from the employees on up: “When you have happy, healthy employees, it’s good for the whole company. It’s good for the bottom line. It’s good for morale.”

via Healthier Employees Are Happier Employees (And Also Cheaper Employees) | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.

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