17 Tips to Impressing Your Interviewer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interviewing is the key to exploring a candidate in depth for a hiring manager. A candidate must know some basics before entering the interview room to maximize their probability of being selected!

This infographic by en world lists the necessary tips to impressing interviewers.


  • Preparation: Prepare yourself with important information, such as the time slot for the interview, the venue and a little knowledge about the interviewer as well.
  • Show up early: Nervousness is very common in job interviews, and if by chance a candidate is delayed while traveling to the interview venue, stress builds further. So be sure to leave early so that you can absorb the surroundings and remain calm!
  • Be confident about your resume: Know every detail about things you have written on your resume, especially profiles and achievements. You may also carry a copy with you.



via 17 Tips to Impressing Your Interviewer [INFOGRAPHIC].

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