People AREN’T Your Greatest Asset.  The RIGHT People Are.

Finding the RIGHT  tech talent is hard.  We Fix That.

Predictive Analytics can determine which Contractors or Direct Hires

have the greatest chance of Success and the highest probability of being Top Performers

Odds of a Successful Hire: Same as “flipping a coin”

46% of Hires FAIL within 18 months

Only 11% FAIL for Lack of Skills

Typical Method of Hiring: Skills, Knowledge & Experience;

important, but are POOR PREDICTORS of Job Success

Our approach adds no more time to your current process




Our Story

Who We Are

It all started with the simple fact that hiring well is never easy.

tech360 finds Companies the right  tech talent by scientifically determining fit for your specific Position, Team, Manager and Company.

We are a diverse group that are very passionate about having a meaningful impact on improving the Hiring Process. 

We are determined to spread the message that Predictive Analytics is the single greatest advancement in Hiring.

Better Hiring using Predictive Analytics is not just a tagline, but our framework for improving Companies and having a significant influence on Candidates lives. 

Our Mission and Purpose is to significantly improve the Hiring Process by helping Companies Hire More Top Performers and Avoid Bottom Performers. 


tech360 is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with a second location in Chicago, Illinois.


Why is it so hard to hire good people? 

The short answer is that the vast majority of Hires are made using gut instincts, rules of thumb and traditions instead of using data and analytical based Hiring decisions. 

Most Managers and Companies THINK they are good at Hiring; research shows they are FAILING.  

The common practice of hiring for aptitude (skills, experience and knowledge) is no better than the “flip of a coin”.   

While aptitude is very important, IT IS NOT a good predictor of Job Success.


What We Do

We Staff I.T.  We do Contract, Contract-for-Hire and Direct Hires. 

tech360 has developed BETTERHIRING INSIGHTS™, a Data and Analytically based Predictive Model that significantly improves your Qualities of Hires. 

We have developed a patent-pending BETTERHIRING RAPID TALENT DATA COLLECTION METHODOLOGY™, an innovative, robust and effective solution for collecting Key Talent Data, the actual drivers that predict Job Success. 

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What Makes Us Different?

Every manager, company and candidate should ask their staffing firms: what makes you different? 

You will get generic answers used a decade ago: we recruit passive candidates, we meet our candidates face-to-face, we have a proprietary database, etc. 

Some staffing firms claim to have a proprietary recruiting process model (ask them about their model).

You will discover that almost all staffing firms’ methods are alike. 

By partnering with a staffing firm that uses data and analytical based decisions to select candidates you are making a long-term positive impact on your Company and your career.


Why tech360?

We were one of the 1st staffing firms in the United States applying a Predictive Data and Analytical based Model for selecting Candidates. 

Our BETTERHIRING PREDICTIVE MODEL™ is a quantitative and scientific approach to predicting Job Success. 

Our Predictive Model selects only those Candidates with the highest probability of Job Success and thus becoming a Top Performer for a specific Position, Team, Manager and Company.  


Thought Leadership for Talent Acquisition

Great Hires make Great Companies.  Human capital is the critical enabler of business results. 

Finding, acquiring and retaining the right talent continues to remain top challenges identified by C-suite leaders at companies of all sizes. 

tech360 is delivering innovative ideas and concepts that are backed by our extensive collection of research studies and experience-based white papers.  

We are intriguing, challenging and inspiring managers and companies to reexamine their current methodology for hiring.

Our purpose is simple: become an authority and leader in talent acquisition by delivering answers to the biggest questions on the minds of our clients and the industry.  

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